KOZELSKÁ, I. Professional Voice Training of Future Teachers

The author submits on the basis of the results of a research in the field of undergraduate and postgraduate voice training of future voice professionals – teachers a proposal of possible solutions within the revitalization course of vocal training. Longtime experience in the professional voice training at the Music Department, Faculty of Education, University of Ostrava leads to searching for new ways in the development of voice skills as a part of teachers' verbal communication. In agreement with the content and the aims of the voice training course, the conditions for a lifelong training of voice skills (as one of the crucial tearchers' competence) can be created.

Key words: undergraduate  and postgraduate voice training, elementary and secondary teachers´ key competence, revitalization of voice, education projects of voice training.

PhDr. Inez Kozelská, Ph.D., Music Department, Faculty of Education, University of Ostrava, email: inez.kozelska@osu.cz


NEDĚLKA, M. Teacher, piano and improvisation, 1st part

The instrumental creativity is one of necessary pedagogical skills of music teachers. Creativity usually means improvisation in pedagogical proceeding. Exactly, the basic improvisation skill means accompaniment of folk songs and its stylization. The main problem of instrumental improvisation is the accompaniment of folk songs. However, a creative teacher has to be able to improvise not only the accompaniment. He is expected to be able to use all musical means in the hierarchy so that he can imitate the main styles of music, create variations and stimulate pupils to individual expression of their own musical ideas.

Key words: creativity, improvisation, art quality, methodology, general musician´s preparation

Prof. PaedDr. Michal Nedělka. Dr., Music Department, Faculty of Education, Charles University, Prague, email michal.nedelka@volny.cz


KUTTLEROVÁ. M.  Music and Mathematics – searching for overlapping areas

The relationship between Music and Mathematics has been explored since the ancient period. The evidence can be found in the works of Aristotle, Kepler, Galilei and many others. Studies have shown an extensive effect of musical education on developing of mathematical skills. A detailed book on the subject of Music and Mathematicss is available online.

Key Words: Music and Mathematics relationship, developing of mathematical abilities, musical education, Mathematics as the body of Music, research.

Mgr. Michaela Kuttlerová, Pražská 1173, Praha 10 Hostivař, michaela.kuttlerova@seznam.cz