KUTTLEROVÁ. M.  Music and language

The relationship between music and language can be explored from many angles. The most known one is the importance of musical aspects in speech for interpersonal communication. From the pedagogical point of view, use of music in foreign language studies is an interesting possibility. Results of neurological research show evidence of cooperation of both centres in human brain.

Key words: music, speech, intelligence, ontogenesis, neurological aspects, suggestopedia, foreign languages.

Mgr. Michaela Kuttlerová, Pražská 1173, Praha 10 Hostivař, michaela.kuttlerova@seznam.cz


NEDĚLKA, M. Teacher, piano and improvisation, 2nd part

Textbooks of piano improvisation develop improvisation skills while they observe 2 aims – the accompaniment of folk-song and creative expression. Textbooks for music teachers contain basic stylizations of the accompaniment, the books for players are targeted the improvisation in contemporary styles and jazz-improvisation.

Key words: creativity, improvisation, accompaniment, contemporary styles, jazz Prof. PaedDr. Michal Nedělka. Dr., Music Department, Faculty of Education, Charles University, Prague, email michal.nedelka@volny.cz


DYTRTOVÁ, K.  Curriculum Alignment of Music and Visual Arts by the Building up of the School Educational Program
Interdisciplinarity of Educational frame programme. Differences and agreements of musical disciplines and the fine art. Activity and self-contained of student.

Key words: Interdisciplinarity, Educational frame programme.

Mgr. Kateřina Dytrtová, PhD., Department of Visual Arts, Faculty of Education Jan Evangelista Purkyně University, email: dytrtova@pf.ujep.cz