HONS, M. Shape and Time in Musical Perception

Music is a motion of notes and musical shapes in space and in time. Hearing is analytical process of reception with confrontation of musically verbalization resources. In mind of listener is forming imagine of musical shape together with sense about historical development kinds of music, named as “temporal hearing and thinking”. Methodology of musical reception starts from rows of activities, destined from elementary acoustic orientation to deeper musical thinking. This order is possibility inscribe this questions: what sounds, what played?, how music sounds, how played?, what music means?, how is composition done?

Key words: Musical perception, form and shape in music, temporal hearing and thinking, methodology of listening.

Prof. PaedDr. Miloš Hons, PhD., Music Department, Faculty of Education, University of J. E. Purkyne, Ústi nad Labem, e-mail: hons@hamu.cz.

PROCHÁZKOVÁ, J. Research of the Current State of Music Education in Some European Countries

The contribution presents research findings of the current state of music education in some European countries. The author focuses on the way music education is implemented with secondary and high school students and on the training of future music teachers. The basic research method is questionnaire and is stated in the paper. The interpretation of findings is divided into two groups. The main factor in dividing the respondents into groups was cultural and historical connectedness of the countries they represent.

Key words: Music education, methodology of teaching music, school reform, Education Programme, curriculum, qualification, integration of aesthetical and educational subjects.

Jana Procházková, U Tenisu 21, 468 04 Jablonec nad Nisou, tel: 777799 49, e-mail: jana_prochazkova@hotmail.com

KODEJŠKA, M. Visegrad Musical Seminars – Praha 2008

The editor informs about the establishment of the 2007 Visegrad music team in Prague. He presents the main phylosophy of the textbook. The content of stories characterize names of chapters: The stage and needs of music education in Visegrad countries in 21st century, Doctoral studies (PhD) in Music pedagogy in Visegrad countries, Specific approaches to modernization of music education, Common viewpoints and present needs in music education of children, students and university teachers.

Key words: Visegrad music team, music education, doctoral studies, modernization.

Doc. PaedDr. Miloš Kodejška, CSc., Music Department, Faculty of Education, Charles University, Prague, e-mail: miloss.kds@atlas.cz