VÁŇOVÁ, H. Cognitive basic of music understanding

The authoress is concerned with the psychological principles of musical works perception from the point of view of present-day cognitive psychology. She analyses the process of music understanding as the basic for music education.

Key words: cognitive psychology, psychology of music, musical works perception.

Doc. PaedDr. Hana Váňová, CSc., Music Department, Faculty of Education, Charles University, Prague, e-mail: vanova.ha@pedf.cuni.cz.

VACHUDOVÁ, E. Testing of musicality on-line on the Internet

At the time of advanced information technology an on-line testing of musicality is very effective.  On the Internet you can find some on-line tests compiled by staff of departments of psychology and undergraduate students from different countries. A major motivation is mainly the preservation of anonymity of the respondent and the immediate detection of results. A music teacher can use on-line tests as the motivation for performing the conventional tests of musicality in order to explore the whole spectrum of musical abilities.

Key words: On-line test, Internet, musicality, motivation.

PhDr. Eva Vachudová, Ph.D.,Faculty of Education, Charles University, Prague, mail: eva.vachudova@pedf.cuni.cz.

KRUČAYOVÁ, A. Integrative Artistic Education According To Piano School Of Mária Apagyi „I Play The Piano“

The report brings information about the newest trends in the area of instrumental music education, specifically in education of piano playing at the elementary level. It represents unconventional piano school of Mária Apagyi „Zongorálom“ (I Play The Piano, Pécs, 2008), where the principles of interdisciplinary artistic education are applied. By application of modern methodological approaches (such as the principle of so called experiential teaching, creative cooperation between the teacher and the pupil), incorporating creative skills (improvisation, elementary composing) as well as by the development of the practical skills in artistic and literal expression, this coursebook brings new qualities into the instrumental education.

Key words: integrative artistic education, principles of composing, creative teaching, creative communication, performance, improvisation, elementary composing, musical and theoretical knowledge, music repertoire.

doc. Mgr. art. Alena Kručayová, Department of Music, Faculty of Education, Constantine The Philosopher University in Nitra, akrucayova@ukf.sk

BALCÁROVÁ, B. Integrative musical project in primary musical education-

Part 1. Musical fairy tale at music education class

The subscription offers you view on an issues of primary education from the point of wiev integrative methods and aspects. Author pointed out on some practicable methods of creating integrative musical projects. In the theoretic line we are analyzing musical fairy tale as a monothetatic musical project and it´s utilizatioin at classe of music education.

Key words: musical fairy tale, primary music education, integrative aspects and methods, musical operations, intersubject relations, polyesthetic education

PaedDr. Božena Balcárová, PhD. Faculty of Education University of Presov in Presov, e-mail: balcarova@unipo.sk