DYTRTOVÁ, K. Musical and Visual Connections. Rhythm.

The text deals with the educational use of interdisciplinary relations between music and visual art,  with possible methods, how to embed meaning into visual form, as well as with different interpretations, which depend on observer`s view, and with other shifts in meaning reflecting the variable context.

Key words: interpretation, structure of piece of music and visual art , conditions,  phenomenon of rhythm.

Doc. KATEŘINA DYTRTOVÁ, PhD., Department of History and Theory of Art at the Faculty of Art and Design, and at the Department of Art Culture at the Pedagogical Faculty, J.E. Purkyně University in Ústi nad Labem, e-mail: katerina.dytrtova@ujep.cz


BEZDĚK, J. The Tribute to the Evaluation of Student´s Musical Public Displays

Evaluation of student musical performances is responsible work.  They are monitored primarily instrumental or vocal technical skills of the student, his interpretive maturity and creativity. To improve the objectivity of advanced science-based vocal pedagogy, which uses knowledge of acoustics. It is necessary to differentiate the degree of  probability  assessment: high, medium, high contingent and unrecognized.


Keywords: music, classification, interpretation, student, conservatory, high school.

Doc. Mgr. MgA. Jiří Bezděk, Ph.D., Department of Music Culture, Faculty of Education, University of West Bohemia in Pilsen, e-mail: skl.bezdek@seznam.cz


KARNETOVÁ, H. Advent, Advent-mass and Advent Songs in Music Lessons

The paper interprets the term advent and clarifies two meanings of rorát (advent-mass and advent song); it further outlines their origin and development in historical and Christian contexts. The finds of the paper are exemplified by advent songs by Adam Václav Michna of Otradovice, and cantiones – songs with Latin lyrics - from Codex Franus.  Finally, the paper attempts to highlight their use in Music lessons.

Keywords: advent, advent-mass, advent songs, Codex Franus, A. V. Michna

PhDr. Helena Karnetová, Music Department, Faculty of Education, University of Hradec Králové, e-mail: helena.karnetova@uhk.cz