From the content of Music Education 1/2006


Cycle Music and painting is entering its last volume. For this year J. Bláha has prepared four parts in this order: 1. Minimal art and minimal music, 2. Neoconstructivism and multiserial music, 3. Neodada and concrete music, 4. Pop art and Music for Tape.


H. Váňová describes history of the magazine Music Education and fills in the nowadays and perspectives of it.


I. Medňanská introduces new questions and tasks in the music education arising from the process of integration in Europe.

A great part of this number is dedicated to the EAS Congress:


F. Niermann summarizes history of the meetings in his entry  EAS Congresses and the European Net of the Music Education.


M. Kodejška has chosen the significant ideas of the congress in the article Response of the EAS Congress goes from Prague to whole Europe.


J. Palkovská describes the main ideas and the organisation of the European Student Forum as part of congress of EAS 2005.


T. Výborná reports about presentation and discussions during the Student forum.


J. Jiřičková summarizes the main ideas of the third meeting of students – future music teachers from twelve European counties.


V. Gregor thinks over the theme Is a talent a gift?, J. Palkovská summarizes final concerts at the music department of Charles University – Faculty of Education.


There are four reviews in this number: Alarm in the Anthill (author J. Jiřičková), Complete presentation of the creative personality (H. Váňová), Noteworthy monography (V. Drábek), Through the guide to the music theory and praxis (P. Beránková).


Music section contains choral arrangements of folk songs and a little vocabulary of music. The most important musical anniversaries in 2006 are named at the end. This section refill photographs and children´s paintings. 


S. Pecháček has prepared the first part of the new cycle About music in English.