From the content of Music Education 2/2006


The cycle Music und Painting  written by J. Bláha continues by the article Neoconstructivism and multiserial music.


A lot of authors occupy themselves with the initiated reform of the school system in the Czech Republic. In the article Music Education in the Frame of the New School System Reform V. Drábek explains changes giving to the teachers a large space for creating their own program of education.


A. Charalambidis describes and explains the function of the musical education in the educational sphere Art and Culture and Their New Tasks (the article Musical Education and the Frame Educational Programmes).


Through his text Musical Education in the School Educational Program J. Holec helps to understand the importance of the well done own educational program.


The article Musical and Imitative Arts Education – Interfaces and Differences by K. Dytrtová opens new possibilities of the common block of aesthetical-scientific branches and indicates ways how to use their mutual relation.   


V. Salvet presents the example in the intersubject project. The topic is Africa – Project in the Third and Fourth Class of the High School. Music section contents a folk song from the South Africa with the traditional zulu soul. It is  a component of the above described Africa project.


The model instruction for the using of the intersubject relations in the new topic (racism) is called  Like about a clever woman from the mountains or joy-not joy. The author is J. Zavřelová.


H. Váňová was interested by the book We Teach the Children to Sing written by  A. Tichá. H. Váňová writes about it in her review The End of the Not Singers in the Czech Republic.


In this number we can find information about important musical anniversaries, about musical educational actions and projects. We can also enjoy the paintings of the children and a continuation of the cycle “About Music in English”.