From the content of Music Education 3/2006



The cycle Music and Painting written by J. Bláha continues by the article Neodada and Concrete Music.


In the treatise Creativity in the Future Musical Education of the Schoolteachers of Music M. Franěk informs about the new project. The aim of it is to develop an inventive expression of the musical educators.


M. Popovič has prepared some themes about the songs´ accompaniment.


O. Kittnarová leads a dialogue with prof. J. Pazour About the Piano Improvisation.


In the article Technique in the Beginnings of the Piano Teaching L. Tichá compares three methodical procedures.


There are special concrete examples like an illustration of the text The Musical Creativity of the Children like a Component of the Musical Education written by P. Beránková.


B. Kljunič describes the declaration of the associate professor A. Vlasáková from her enjoyment during her teaching the children. The title of this interview is Beauty of the Young Pianist´s Dialogue with the Music.


B. Sejáková writes about the music of K. Slavický.


L. Kistyová has chosen the topic Children´s music of the composer S. Prokofiew in the piano and pedagogical interpretation.


J. Jiřičková catches the feelings of the piano beginners, how they have talked About the Piano Lesson in the Eyes of the Little Pupils.


H. Váňová tries to help to the teachers by the methodical instruction Musical Theory Quickly and without Suffering, or Sums and Keyboard.


In this number we can find a score of songs for the children, information and remembrances about outstanding musical pedagogues, musical quiz and a lesson of English language.