From the content of Music Education 4/2006



  For the cycle Music and Painting the author J. Bláha prepared the topic Pop-art and Music for Tape.


In this year the last and extended number of our magazine brings lots of interesting views to the music education in different countries.


J. Kotůlková brings information about the 27th World Conference ISME in Kuala Lumpur and in a letter, which is addressed the Czech music community, she indicates the possibility to arrange some next one in Prague.


The article Conception of the Music Education in Hungary written by S. Pintzkerová describes the educational aims in the subject Music education included to the compulsory ten year educational system.


J. Jiřičková explains the differences of both Czech and Australian piano education and explains inclusion of it into the school system.


The essay Insights of Norway by O. Konopa compares music education both in Norway and in our country. The author values competences of the Norwegian teachers and high-quality of the Czech system of basic artistic schools.


J. Weber narrates about the way of the Czech music teacher to the American music therapy. He describes his personal experience from the psychiatric clinic in Bronx.


In this magazine you can find information about anniversaries of Čestmír Stašek and Ivan Poledňák, a look back to J. J. Ryba, necrology of V. Kolařík, news, reviews, the list of important anniversaries, About Music in English, folk stories about hell and devils and other texts for guidance and amusement.


You can find the score of Songs for the Children written by Slovakian composer Jaro Vereb.