From the content of Music Education 1/2007



Cycle Music and painting will continue this year, too. J. Bláha prepares gradually these articles:

1. Artistic and musical postmodernism

2. Reiner Fetting and Wolfgang Rihm

3. Mark Kostabi and Alfred Schnittke

4. William Bailey and Henrik Górecki


I. Poledňák worked out a voluminous text. The topic of it is Choral Singing at Beginning of the New Millenium or Choral Music – Memento and Challenge.


A. Tichá is busy with problems of Children´s Voice and Components of its Development.


B. Tomanová offers a part of her thesis written on the topic Rehabilitation of the Singing Voice (after the method of L. Szamosi).


L. Daniel asks: What to do with Non-singers? and answers: a good teacher has no non-singers in his classroom.


V. Gregor continues his lecture Piano Education in the Czech Land.


J. Veverková writes about the new study branch in the article Preparation of Choirmasters at the Faculty of Education at the Charles University in Prague.


J. Fiala informs about folk traditions and their keeping in the South-west part of the Czech Republic.


S. Pecháček recommends two interesting anthologies including a wide repertoire in his review. The title of it is New Songs for Czech Singers.


The article We Recommend by J. Říha concerns a book from Slovakia Songs and Games with Singing for Children by D. Michálková.


Easy understanding of the musical basics through the help of songs – that is the topic of the article by E. Vachudová.


In his review J. Kolář reccomends the book of J. Dostalík A Broad Meadow, which would help the teachers in teaching to cross from monophony to polyphony.

In year 2007 the pages About music in English prepared by S. Pecháček
will continue. In this number the course is filled in by quiz, a funny
song and a children’s painting.