From the content of Music Education 2/2007


The picture series Music and Painting with the text by J. Bláha on the topic of The Tendencies and Development Stages of Postmodern Art and Music introduces the second issue.


P. Ježil deals with the present role of schools and helps teachers with his essay entitled Music Education in the Connection with the Frame Educational Programme.


H. Váňová recalls the importance of the experiment carried out in Olomouc, in the first primary school with extended Music Education teaching. The experiment was initiated by professor Ladislav Daniel. She honours him on the occasion of his 85th birthday.


M. Obešlová is concerned with Vocal Training in the first grade of primary schools in connection with the Frame Educational Programme for Primary Schools.


A. Tichá prepared several methodical instructions in her text VocalTraining Inspired by Spring (the first volume deals with posture).


V. Ševčíková and M. Žárská investigated the musical ability in Romany children and summed up the results in the essay Musical Preferences of Romany Children.


P. Beránková proves in her paper Music Education in Nursery Centres that even pre-school children can be successfully developed in vocal training.


E. Jenčková prepared for the children an unconventional Flea Carol for Easter.


V. Drábek remembers the 150th anniversary of M. I. Glinka’s death and he emphasizes the worldwide importance of his work.


The supplement contains three Romany songs. The issue also has reviews of new publications, a list of important anniversaries and a regular unit called About Music in English. The whole issue is accompanied by some beautiful children’s paintings.