From the content of Music Education 4/2007



The last issue of the year is traditionally opened by the series Music and Painting, this time on the topic Rainer Feting and Wolfgang Rihm - Art and Music Neoexpressionisms, written by J. Bláha.


S. Pecháček compares in his article Tradition and the Present Situation of Intonation Teaching in Czech Countries several methods of intonation training which leads to the development of not only musical but also mental skills.


J. Bezděk deals with song accompaniments teaching, especially to Czech folk songs, in the second part of his essay Teacher or Director.


A. Tichá introduces methodical instructions for a natural harmonization of breathe-in and breath-out muscles in the third volume of Vocal Training Inspired by Winter.


R. Soukupová has organised a vast questionnare survey at schools and she summed up the results with the opinions of specialists in her paper called The Present Approach to Singing Inability and the Ways of Its Solution in the First Grade of Elementary Schools.


J. Zavřelová-Dvořáková informs about her experience of attempts at project teaching in the instalment of Horákyně II or the Drawback of the Reform.


E. Jenčková has prepared methodical instructions for dramatisation, declamation, singing and pantomime of the topic Sparrow’s Winter and Its Living.


Beside news, reviews, and English lesson there are photographs of a Christmas crib evoking Christmas atmosphere, made by the pupils from the Art Department of Elementary School of Art in Čelákovice.


The profile for the anniversary of the year, dedicated to the member of northern music, Finnish composer J. Sibelius, concludes the issue.