From the content of Music Education 1/2008



The series Music and Painting continues also in year 2008. J. Bláha has prepared both a brief series content for the whole year and the sequel to the topic Tendencies and Developing Stages in Fine Arts and Music Post-modernism II, the Second Half of the 1980s and the beginning of the 1990s.


H. Váňová in her text Environmental Education in Music Education (1st part) clarifies the content of this socially needed education for young generation and shows how Music Education can contribute to its learning.


O. Kittnarová in the obituary called Petr Eben’s Heritage recalls not only composer’s unique professionality in the music sphere recognized all over the world but also his exemplary moral principles. 


P. Bělohlávková and M. Ptáček bring a particular example of a project in Music Education based on a well-known fairy-tale,  which they called Play with Puppets or We Are not Afraid of Contemporary Music.


V. Drábek explains (in reference to literature education) in the form of teacher – pupils dialogue the difference between humour principles in music and humour principles in different kinds of art.


M. Slavíková offers music teachers whole range of preparation exercises called Voice Exercises Traditionally and Non-Traditionally.


B. Krištofová-Sejáková wrote methodical instuctions called Musical Memory in Individual Stages of  Working on a Piece.


J. Jiřičková introduces particular examples of using motivation in the form of prize, game, competition, dramatic activities in her article Piano as Motivational Means in Basic Music Education. The text is accompanied by a note appendix. 


The issue further contains a note supplement, this time with modified Moravian folk songs for two voices and piano accompaniment, news, reviews, quizzes, important anniversaries and a regular English lesson.