From the content of Music Education 3/2008


The series Music and Painting continues with the essay by J. Bláha on the topic Peter Halley and Arvo Part.


M. Nedělka introduces the first part of his text Teacher, Piano and Improvisation. He supports the importance of improvisation by opinions of many experts.


M. Kuttlerová deals with the relationship between music and mathematics and she summarizes her knowledge in the text called Music and Mathematics – Searching for Overlapping Areas.


I. Kozelská in her article Professional Voice Training of Future Teachers describes the imperfections in voice training of future teachers and she provides the content and results of the vocal training revitalization course.


V. Vondráček  has prepared a practical example of J. S. Bach’s portray creation in his essay Using Computers in Music Education (2nd part)


The trio of authors H. Váňová – A. Tichá – J. Herden offers a few topics for using elements of music therapy and the topic for students’ independent work in the text Environmental Education in Music Education (3rd part).


Among the news, The Experience from Poland by Alena Tichá will attract the reader’s attention.

Further, the running of the ESF project: The Help of the European Union –  equal opportunities for everyone, in the fields of Conducting and Piano Playing, by I. Ašenbrenerová.

Then the evaluation of the Interpretative Competition of Pedagogical Faculties of the Czech Republic – Prague 2008 by J. Palkovská, which proves that the studies of instrument and sing interpretation form the basis of the professional training of a music teacher.

J. Weber demonstrated on a few examples significant successes of Music Therapy – Experience With Music.


The issue further contains interesting reviews, the lesson About Music in English and the list of music anniversaries.


The issue concludes with The Anniversaries of Famous Conductors by P. Bělohlávková.