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The series Music and Painting prepared by J. Bláha goes back to early history. It deals with Anglo-Saxon and Benedict painting and Irish and Gregorian liturgical chant.

E. Jenčková explains the idea of the present humanistic European education system as a necessity for a long-life education and the importance of integration of musical and painting activities in her article The Principle of Integration in Contemporary Education System.

L. Sochová wrote methodical instructions called The Creative Inspirations from Musical Activities at Concerts. These enable children to create, practise and perform a story in the form of performance with songs.

V. Radimcová and V. Ševčíková summarize the results of the survey into today’s secondary school students’ listening preferences and their attitudes to rock music in their text The Progressivity in Rock Music and Its Possibilities in Music Education.

V. Salvet clarifies the name of his article Stomp and introduces a few examples for practising the given rhythm.

The note supplement offers three children songs with a piano accompaniment by a Slovak composer Belo Felix.

From the news, we learn how music teachers solve their position in the contemporary music education and how is the education by and towards music done in the Czech and Slovak Republic.

The anniversary articles about P. Jurkovič and E. Jenčková uncover their life and professional interests. The list of anniversaries has been newly enriched by nationalities and professions.

The issue is illustrated by artist J. Hanžlík.