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The series Music and Painting prepared by J. Bláha has gone back to the oldest periods and in this issue it continues with the second part called Pre-Roman Period…

In the introduction “To Our Readers and Authors”, H. Váňová as a senior editor explains the changes of the magazine as a consequence of an attempt to become a member of the List of Reviewed Non-Impacted Periodicals of the Czech Government Professional Advisory Body – The Board for Research and Development.

S. Pecháček has compiled a summary Petr Eben’s Chorals for children interpreters. The commentary enables choirmasters to choose the most suitable pieces according to theirs needs.

V. Štefl has described and evaluated the results of a survey in his essay called A Survey Concerning the Inclusion of Rock Music within the Syllabus of Primary Music Schools. The results are not satisfactory yet: rock music is either not taught at all or the teachers are not enough qualified. He sees the solution in modernization and update of education.

L. Brábek in his work Music History in Consequences uncovers the problems of music and its place on the edge of school education and he suggests the way to its wider usage in integration of aesthetic-educational subject, mainly from the historical point of view.

The note supplement offers two children songs Football and Run from the series Small Sportmen by E. Douša.

J. Šmejkalová has used the offer “From Readers’ Pen” and tells us – as a participant of Visegrad Music Conference on the topic Massmedia Technologies in School Music Education – her opinion on exaggerated overestimating of technology to the detriment of teacher personality’s influence on pupils.

E. Jenčková adds several methodological descriptions for the practice of  Easter song Plaited Willow Cane which make it useful for dance games for children of pre-school and younger school age.

Apart from the overview From the Music Anniversaries (April - July 2009), P. Bělohlávková has prepaired an anniversary year of great personalities: Handel – Haydn – Mendelssohn – Dvořák – world masters of oratorio.

Notice two pieces of current news, one detailed review and an English course in this issue.