From the content of Music Education 4/2011


The last issue of this year opens with the next part of the series Music and Painting by J. Bláha on the second page of the cover. The text Dutch Realism and the Burgundian School II is devoted to other representatives of this style, namely Jan van Eyck and Gilles Binchois.


K. Dytrtová wrote the article Music and Art Relations. Rhythm. She deals with pedagogically useful inter-discipline relations of music and visual art fields, the ways of storing the meaning into artistic production and further with the phenomenon of rhythm which is a connecting element.


An eminent Czech choir conductor and pedagogue Čestmír Stašek was 85 in August 2011. S. Pecháček writes about the anniversary of this doyen of children choir singing and his life.


J. Bezděk, the senior lecturer at Department of Music Culture at Faculty of Education, University of West Bohemia, reflects on the responsible work of judges of students’ artistic performances.


The advent time is coming soon, closely connected with a genuinely Czech phenomenon – according to author H. Karnetová - “roraty”, songs which are sung during Advent at early morning masses. To use of Advent and “roraty” in lessons of Music Education is suggested in the text Advent and Roraty in Music Education.


Jiří Ignác Linek belonged to village teachers thanks to whom and their works the inherited tradition of Czech music was carried from generation to generation, especially in the country. The typical manifestations of Czech music at those times were pastorales, small Christmas songs for one or more voices with instrumental accompaniment. One of these is also Linka’s Pastorella Slavonica which is described in the article by B. Hanžlík.


O. Kozánková Voplakalová suggests the method for remembering the order of scales in her article The Memory Method of Picture Stories in Scales Teaching.


Orff Institute in Salzburg was 50 years old! D. Novotná informs about the symposium which took place on the occasion of this anniversary. Another important anniversary the magazine informs about is the 400th anniversary of T. L. de Victoria’s death, one of the leading people who significantly influenced the development of European music. The author of the article is T. Ibrmajer.


J. Holubec writes about the proceedings of the conference called Zdeněk Lukáš - The Music Composer which was produced by the Department of Music Culture at the Faculty of Education, University of West Bohemia in Plzeň.


As usual, you will find the section From Musical Anniversaries (October to December 2011), About Music in English and brief English abstracts.